The pain management and movement clinic at Tiptoe Foot Care uses a combination of techniques to assess a wide variety of problems.  Building on core podiatric knowledge around biomechanics and more general human anatomy, the clinic specialises in using different aspects of functional medicine to assess the whole body for the root cause of why you are experiencing symptoms.

This broader medical approach of finding and addressing the core problem gives longer lasting relief and our patients often comment that it is much more effective than simply treating individual symptoms, which can often result in a temporary fix and the need for regular repeat treatment.

Our pain management expert, Afni Shah-Hamilton, uses a variety of techniques to assess your issues including Anatomy in Motion (AiM), Kinesiology and Adaptable Polarity.

AiM: The understanding of how joint, muscles and ligaments across the body are expected to behave at different stages of movement (gait cycle)

Kinesiology: A natural system that uses gentle muscle testing to evaluate many functions of the body in the structural, nutritional, emotional and energetic fields.

Adaptable Polarity: A mix of cranial-sacral techniques to open the joints and aid the flow of movement

These treatments can be useful for a wide number of issues including:

  • pain or limited range of motion following surgery;
  • hip and pelvic pain as a result of pregnancy; and
  • long standing / chronic pain that other forms of treatment have been unable to resolve

Taking a fresh look at interactions across the whole body can help to identify solutions to unexplained problems where alternative forms of treatment have already proved unsuccessful. It can also resolve secondary issues such as migraines, neck or shoulder pain that are caused by the underlying joint problems and that can be severely debilitating in their own right.