From early 2018, Afni Shah-Hamilton will be offering a limited number of appointments in her new pain and movement clinic.

These hour long appointments will be aimed at helping people with pain or reduced joint mobility (e.g. unable to raise their arm above their head).  These may be long standing or unexplained problems where alternative forms of treatment have proved unsuccessful and a new approach is needed, and could well be contributing to other health problems such as foot or ankle injuries or migraines.

By combining her clinical and medical expertise with Anatomy in Motion (AiM) techniques, Afni’s pain and movement work recognises that some foot and ankle problems will have their causes elsewhere and therefore aims to give more relief to patients and contribute to their greater wellbeing.

Initially these sessions will be focused on existing podiatry patients where a benefit has been identified and a brief ‘taster’ has confirmed that more in depth treatment will be of assistance.  If you require further information at this stage please contact the clinic and ask Afni to give you a call back specifically about the pain and movement treatment.

These appointments are not currently available for online booking but please click here to make a booking for regular podiatry or reflexology.

Please note, following an AiM treatment, many patients find they are unusually tired as their body works to ‘reset’ itself.  Please bear this in mind if you are booking an appointment (e.g. you may need to make arrangements if you have a long drive planned or will be operating dangerous machinery).

[Further details to follow.]