At Tiptoe Foot Care we help a wide range of patients, of all ages and backgrounds.   Outside of the clinic, I have been asked to give various talks and presentations including talks about the techniques and ethos underlying my pain management clinic as well as sharing my specialist knowledge in cancer related issues – for example foot problems during chemotherapy.  If you have a group that would be interested in a presentation (perhaps a community group, cancer support group or a medical networking group keen to broaden their knowledge) then please get in touch.

As well as helping a number of children with their foot health issues (which prompted a blog), I have also written a series of award-winning articles for podiatrists to share my expertise in relation to treatments for cancer patients.  This is often overlooked as care is (understandably) focused primarily on treating the cancer itself.  However, podiatric support in understanding and managing some of the common side effects from cancer treatments can be hugely beneficial to patients in helping maintain their mobility, independence and support their mental well-being.

In the talks section you will also find a short video: ‘How pregnancy can affect your foot health‘.  This covers five key areas:

  • ingrown toenails
  • hard skin and corns
  • fungal infections including athlete’s foot
  • plantar fasciitis
  • basic toe and ankle injuries

All of these can be particularly problematic during pregnancy due to the various changes that are taking place in the body.  We quite often find patients who have never seen a podiatrist before needing a little extra help during this time.

Whatever your circumstances, or perhaps if you think a family member would benefit from our advice and services, please explore our website and get in touch.

Afni Shah-Hamilton