Our podiatrists can help with the full range of toe, foot, ankle and knee problems – whatever’s troubling you we are here to help!

What we treat

We treat all of the following:

How we treat

Initial appointments will include a full medical history, assessment Treatmentsand initial treatment (as far as possible).

As part of your assessment we will design a personal treatment plan for you to follow. We try and find an approach that will meet your needs and lifestyle in an effort to give you the best possible results. We know for example that there is no point suggesting a plan that relies on complete rest for someone who has to be on their feet all day at work – we will adapt our approach as far as possible to give you something achievable.  A slightly slower, but properly managed recovery is far better than a treatment plan you cannot follow that allows the problem to get worse.

We will therefore explain your options and help you choose a solution you are comfortable with to restore and maintain comfort, function, and a great appearance to your feet as soon as possible. Our staff will advise you on all aspects of your treatment – this could include tips to prevent the spread of infections and exercises you can do at home, as well as (where appropriate) surgery, medications, physical therapy and/or the use of custom made orthotics for treatment of your foot problems.

For ingrown or ingrowing toenails we will try to resolve the problem without surgery. This is usually possible where the problem is brought to us early enough but in more severe cases we can provide nail surgery under local anaesthetic.  As ingrowing toenails often lead to other problems such as infections and changes in posture or walking pattern (contributing to hard skin or knee pain) we will work with you to decide the best form of treatment and prioritise the most urgent issue.

Finally, we may suggest seeing another specialist if we feel you will benefit from alternative treatment. We work closely with a number of local osteopaths and physiotherapists to help ensure our patients can receive joined up advice and the best overall treatment plan.