Do you have unsightly or uncomfortable toenails?  There are a variety of possible fungal infections that can infect your nails, including athlete’s foot.  These can make your nails thick or discoloured and in more severe cases they can leave your nails crumbling and your feet in significant pain.

At Tiptoe Foot Care, our podiatrists specialize in identifying the infection that is causing the nail problem and work with you on the best form of treatment.  This can include:

  • cutting back affected nails,
  • providing anti-fungal solutions, and
  • advising on how to manage the problem whilst we try to wipe out the infection.

Clearanail solution for treating fungal nails

Treating fungal nails can sometimes be a long process, particularly when the infection is well established.  One option we can use (where appropriate) is the ‘Clearanail’ solution for fungal nails.

clearnail results

Results with Clearanail

The ‘Clearanail’ treatment was invented and patented in 2013 and rapidly gained very positive reviews from medical researchers (e.g. Dr Ivan Bristow, University of Southampton) and practicing podiatrists.  It has been featured in both the Daily Mail and Daily Express and we have been using it in our clinic since 2015.

The Clearanail solution uses Controlled Micro Penetration (CMP) technology to make tiny holes in the affected nail.  This then allows the anti-fungal medication to penetrate into the whole area, rather than just the surface. It is:

  • Quick to perform (it can be done within a regular half-hour appointment)
  • Quick to act (with visible results in a few weeks)
  • Clean and precise with no need for local anaesthetic

This gives it clear advantages over the two main alternatives – laser treatment (usually more expensive, more painful and can require numerous sessions), or traditional treatments (which take much longer to resolve the problem).


Alternatively, if you are looking for a cosmetic solution then please ask us about Nail Reconstruction (Wilde-Pedique).